Joshua Insley

Mr. Insley grew up in Westminster, Maryland. He attended Calvert Hall High School in Towson before going to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History.  Mr. Insley was accepted into the brand new William S. Boyd School of Law at the University Of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he graduated in 2002.

While in Las Vegas Mr. Insley worked for the legendary William Terry, Esq., where he got his first experience fighting for the rights of the accused. He also completed a judicial externship with the Honorable Michael L. Douglas, who is now The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Nevada.

Upon graduation Mr. Insley moved back to Maryland. He passed the bar and was sworn in as an attorney in December of 2002.  From 2003-2004 Mr. Insley served as the law clerk to The Honorable Raymond E. Beck, Sr. of the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Upon completion of his clerkship he accepted an offer of employment from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender.  Mr. Insley was a member of the Baltimore City Public Defender’s office from 2004-2010. During that time he distinguished himself as an aggressive trial attorney who was eager to take on extra projects. He was the member of a small team of attorneys who decided to mass file Petitions for Habeas Corpus for arrestees who were not seeing commissioners for bails for up to weeks at a time. As a result of the uproar and the success of those motions the warden of Baltimore City Central Booking and Intake Facility was relieved of her command.

While in Baltimore City Mr. Insley also had a Circuit Court Judge declare the Gun Offender registry declared unconstitutional.

In 2010 Mr. Insley was transferred to the Office of the Public Defender for Baltimore County where he was quickly assigned to the felony trial team. Along with Hossain Parvizian, he tried the notorious Towson Nordstrom murder case in 2012.

While in the Baltimore County Felony Unit he worked with Brian Bishop, beginning a lifelong friendship and professional relationship.

In November of 2012 Mr. Insley departed the Office of the Public Defender to start the Law Office of Joshua Insley. As a solo practitioner Mr. Insley received global recognition for his work on cutting edge issues with clandestine government surveillance of citizens.  He unmasked the unlawful use of “Stingray” cell phone tracking devices by the Baltimore City Police Department.

Mr. Insley continued his zealous representation of clients and expanded his practice to include handling matters of police brutality.  He represented many ordinary citizens who had frightening illegal encounters with rogue police.

In 2017, Mr. Insley exposed police officers caught planting evidence on their body worn cameras. His advocacy spurned the revision of Baltimore City Police body camera policy, and now officers musty have cameras on at all times when effectuating an arrest.

Throughout his career Mr. Insley has always provided the most zealous advocacy he can for his clients and isn’t afraid to bring long simmering issues to the forefront in an attempt to help. not only his clients but also to bring reform to the entire criminal justice system. He is a married father of two who lives in the Baltimore area.

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