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Maryland man found not guilty

Being investigated for a criminal offense can be deeply distressing, especially if you know you did nothing wrong. The damage to your reputation along with the effects on your family and your relationships with friends and employers can be devastating. Furthermore, you have the worry of a potential conviction. However, you are to be considered innocent unless proven guilty, so it is important not to lose hope.

In Maryland, a 29-year-old man who was accused of being involved in a murder has been found not guilty. On Thanksgiving morning in 2013, a 35-year-old man was killed in his residence in Somerset County. It had been alleged that two individuals had been told by the 29-year-old man and another individual to go to the residence. Authorities claim that one of the two individuals who were allegedly told to go to the residence fired the shots that killed the 35-year-old man.

What does it mean to be classed as a juvenile delinquent?

Most people will remember a time when they were young that they did something they should not have and got into trouble. Some will have done more serious things than others, but at the heart of the matter is the fact that minors are often curious, mischievous and daring. As a result, they may not always make the best decisions. Unfortunately, such habits can occasionally cause them to come into conflict with the law.

What constitutes sexual assault?

In Maryland, as is the case throughout the United States, allegations of sexual assault are taken very seriously. These cases are often very delicate and can have lifetime effects on all involved. Often the person alleging that such an offense has been committed has been deeply distressed by the events in question. This can be the case even if you were unaware that your actions may have been deemed inappropriate. It may even be a matter of mistaken identity.

It is often helpful to respond with sensitivity, even if you know you have been wrongly accused. However, it is a very difficult experience to go through and one that can have severe criminal consequences. An attorney can often be invaluable as you work to preserve your reputation and protect yourself from conviction.

Maryland man arrested after drugs found in shed

When a drug presence is suspected, the authorities will often go to great lengths to determine its source. If you are found in the vicinity of illegal substances, or if you are believed to be responsible for the use, cultivation or distribution of such substances, you may face drug charges. It is not always easy to determine who is accountable for drugs found at a given location, so authorities often have to go on circumstantial evidence and the word of others.

For one man in Maryland, this had a serious outcome. Allegedly, one of his family members reported to police that there were drugs being stored in the residence. The police acquired a search warrant and investigated the report. Unfortunately for the accused, a substantial amount of marijuana was allegedly found in a shed.

Maryland DUI clampdown nabs three

Alexander Pope, in his An Essay on Criticism, famously said, “To err is human.” Truer words were never spoken. As we go through life, there are inevitable times when we make mistakes. It’s just part of being human and it’s how we learn and get better. Sometimes, those mistakes can be small and easily surmountable. Perhaps as a kid you stole candy from a store or told a lie. Your mother scolded you and got over it.

As adults, though, even small mistakes can sometimes change our lives completely. Say you’re at a Sunday barbecue and you have a few beers. You might feel fine, but getting behind the wheel may technically be drunk driving. Now, no one will argue that drunk driving is OK; it’s not. It’s irresponsible and incredibly dangerous. However, the argument here is whether a mistake should define you for the rest of your life. Should we all be entitled to a chance at redemption?

Juvenile facing charges after alleged burglary

Adolescence is generally a time for learning about life. Part of that learning involves making mistakes. Parents can only prepare their children so much for the realities of being an adult in the real world. Once a child becomes a juvenile, sometimes experience is the only teacher that counts. For most youths, these mistakes might only take the form of smoking or engaging in a little rebellious activity. For others, it goes a little farther and becomes criminal. Juvenile crimes like shoplifting, DWI, underage drinking and petty theft are taken very seriously in Maryland so mistakes like these can change a child’s life forever.

Woman accused of assault in Maryland

In a moment of anger, people often say or do things they later regret. Unfortunately, this can not only lead to them causing harm to those around them, but can also result in a criminal charge. Violent crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials, so it is important to establish the reasons for your actions if you are accused of assault.

In Maryland, a 19-year-old woman was taken into custody on suspicion of assault. Officers were called to a property in Easton on the report of a domestic assault. On arriving there, they were told by another woman, the sister of the accused that the pair had argued, resulting in a physical altercation.

Man accused of sexual misconduct has protective order lifted

An accusation of sexual misconduct is a serious matter. Anything from allegations of rape or molestation to indecent exposure or chat room offenses can result in severe penalties like fines and imprisonment. Additionally, the damage to the accused’s reputation can be devastating. People accused of sexual misconduct are subject to losing a job and being ostracized by friends, family and the community, making it difficult to find employment and be a contributing member of society.

Many cases come down to one person’s word against another’s. While sex crimes are horrendous and do happen frequently, there are cases of false accusations. Sometimes, the accuser stands to gain something from claiming assault, or they are looking for revenge against someone who they feel wronged them.

Maryland cadet accused of stealing evidence in drug cases

A police cadet in Baltimore County is facing theft and drug charges in relation to allegations that he was stealing from the evidence room. The matter first came to the department’s attention when a commander found some oxycodone missing. Internal Affairs and Vice Narcotics launched an investigation into the matter and found that oxycodone involved in several other cases had also disappeared. Following this investigation, evidence from other cases began disappearing.

Investigators eventually began to suspect that the disappearance of the drugs was the work of one cadet. They stopped him as he left work one day, allegedly discovering a backpack with $40,000 in it. In a search of the cadet’s car and home, officers allegedly found oxycodone, morphine, suboxone, things from the evidence room and a white powder in a bag.

What to do if you're pulled over for suspected DUI

A Maryland man was pulled over by police in Rock Hall around midnight June 13 for suspected drunk driving. Field sobriety tests were administered and officials reported that the man performed poorly while doing them. Police released the man, but he is facing charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol and driving while impaired by alcohol.

Stops like these happen every day in Maryland. If you find yourself being pulled over for suspected drunk driving, it's important to stay calm. Sometimes, the nervousness you feel just at the thought of being questioned by police can make you behave differently than you normally would. Or maybe you've had a very small amount to drink hours ago and you're anxious about taking a Breathalyzer test. Just remember that a drunk driving charge does not necessarily equal a drunk driving conviction.