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Maryland's new drug charge law harder on state's youth

Maryland's state legislature has changed the legal penalties faced by both adults and young adults ranging from 18 to 20 who are found in possession of marijuana, as long as the amount is 10 grams or less. Though adults will see the penalty reduced to what is being equated with a traffic ticket, for those who fall into the age bracket of 18 to 20, the changes to the law regarding the drug offense are a different story.


Maryland man given probation after drunk driving arrest

Across the country, lawmakers and law enforcement agents are taking an increasingly harsh stance against drunk drivers. An arrest for driving under the influence can lead to costly fines and imprisonment, especially after multiple offenses. However, those arrested and charged with drunk driving in Maryland may have an opportunity to secure a lesser penalty. This is especially true for first-time offenders, as judges may be more lenient with those they believe acted out of character.

Bag of chips leads to mixed bag of criminal charges in Maryland

Tempers flare and altercations can sometimes arise from even the smallest day-to-day activities. Provocation from one person can cause a situation to become violent, resulting in injury to one or more people involved. Assault stemming from such an incident can lead to time in jail, fines, counseling and other punishments. A conviction in Maryland for a violent crime can complicate a person's future, so it is important for suspects to fight charges early and proactively. 

In Anne Arundel County, a man is accused of attacking a gas station attendant and attempting to steal merchandise and personal property. The situation began when the attendant repeatedly told a customer that he needed to pay for a bag of chips. Agitated, the customer allegedly approached the attendant's booth and confronted him. When the attendant refused to engage with the man, the customer reportedly grabbed the attendant's bicycle and started to leave the gas station.

Baltimore police officer on risky side of sex crime case

In Maryland and throughout the United States, charges for sex crimes are aggressively pursued by law enforcement. A conviction for a sex crime can be devastating to a person's personal and professional future. Whether it is for soliciting a minor for sex, chat room offenses or molestation, registration as a sex offender can lead to lasting complications in a person's life. People facing charges for these crimes should be prepared with a criminal defense to protect themselves in court.

A Baltimore police officer faces criminal charges after allegedly having a sexual relationship with an underage female who advertised herself online as a prostitute. According to Howard County police, the officer is accused of communicating with the girl through text messages and meeting her for sex three times in the first half of 2013. As a result, the officer was arrested and has been charged with sexual offenses of the third and fourth degree as well as a charge of soliciting a minor for sex.

New marijuana laws in the works in Maryland

Times are changing, especially when it comes to the legality of marijuana possession. Where there were once serious criminal charges for possession of marijuana, states across the Unites States are adopting new laws that reduce or eliminate the harsh consequences of possession pot.

Maryland is currently in the midst of its own discussions about the matter. A decriminalization bill already passed by the Senate in mid-March could eventually be fully approved and put into effect. If so, it would reduce the punishment for some marijuana possession charges from criminal offenses to civil citations, and it is not the only legislation regarding marijuana in the state.

New mobile apps help police locate parties and underage drinking

You are out at a party with your friends, who are drinking. Everyone seems to be having a good time, and some of your friends seem to forget they are still minors. The cops raid the party, and you are arrested after showing your identification and birth date. Maybe you didn’t even drink.

Although it is easy to find yourself in this situation, especially if your friends are college-level and many can drink legally, minor consumption is still a crime in Maryland. If you are found guilty, charges for underage drinking can lead to steep fines and other punishment, especially when they involve a DWI. Law enforcement officials are using new ways to locate and apprehend underage drinkers.

Howard County man arrested on child sex abuse charges

Although all types of criminal convictions can cause complications in a person's life, few are more serious than those for sex crimes. In addition to jail time and fines, convicted offenders in the state of Maryland must enter into a sex offender registry. This can severely damage a person's reputation and professional life, as well as create difficulties in finding housing and other life opportunities. For this reason, charges for sex crimes should be taken seriously and challenged in an effort to prevent a conviction.

A Columbia man was arrested by border agents at Baltimore/Washington International Airport in connection with charges related to sex crimes. The investigation revolves around both alleged child pornography and sexual abuse involving a child. The man had been previously charged and released in January as part of the same investigation. When the new charges against him were filed, the man returned from a vacation in Mexico in order to meet with authorities.

Maryland woman faces multiple charges after drunk driving arrest

If you’ve had a drink or two, getting behind the wheel of a car may not seem like a big deal. Maybe you’ve done it before without any troubles, or you know you only need to drive a few blocks to reach your destination. However, in Maryland, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk driving. An arrest can occur for almost any amount of intoxication, and penalties for a DUI conviction often include steep fines and jail time.

In Great Mills, a woman has been arrested for her third charge of drunk driving. The most recent arrest occurred after the woman allegedly struck an unoccupied vehicle while driving her minivan. Another person witnessed the accident and followed the minivan, notifying police in the area of the accident. The driver of the minivan retreated from police and entered a home near the original accident. An officer was able to locate the driver, who subsequently failed a field sobriety test. The officer also noted the driver appeared visibly intoxicated.

New Baltimore crime zones established to combat violent crimes

Violent crimes have become one of Baltimore's longstanding problems. Police have managed to curb violent crimes in four geographic zones; however, incidents still occur, such as the recent shootings at the intersection of Hugo Avenue and 28th Street. In an attempt to locate trouble spots and finally track down repeat offenders, the police are planning to increase the number and reduce the size of their enforcement zones.

These changes were patterned after a study made by a Harvard professor. The study indicated that violent crimes are often concentrated in small areas, usually within a couple of blocks. This notion was in conflict with the previous enforcement zones, one of which was longer than 3 miles.

3 juvenile males charged as adults in Baltimore

Many of us have done things in our youth that we regret, or we feel were ill-advised on, though we sometimes need the benefit of hindsight to reach those conclusions. Whether it is the result of poor decision-making, peer pressure, or even the use of drugs and alcohol, young people across the country are exposed to activities that may entangle them with the law. The youth of Baltimore should be aware of the city’s policies regarding juvenile crimes as well as the repercussions for varying types of offenses.

In Baltimore, three teenage males are in police custody and being charged as adults for various crimes including armed robbery. The charges came after several victims reported being robbed at knifepoint. After reporting the crime to police, one victim went home and confided in his brother about the altercation. The brother took it upon himself to then search the area where he was able to locate the accused teens near the courthouse. He managed to corral them within the courthouse where officers were then able to detain them. A fourth teen fled the scene and escaped custody.